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Biocanic is the only solution to bring all of your health data together in the exact way you want to use it. What makes our solution unique?


Specialty Labs


Wearable Platforms


Integrated Office Management Solutions


Trusted by over 1,000 Practitioners

"By integrating Biocanic and my CRM system I was easily able to enroll over 400 clients into my Gut Health Restoration program in less than 4 weeks coming off of my online virtual summit"

Laura Frontiero

"With Biocanic Max I was able to get rid of my antiquated EMR system and simplify my technology systems into one. This allowed me to not only scale my hybrid clinic, but I am now expanding to 3 more locations across the US."

Dr Tracy Gapin

"Biocanic is a critical component of my holistic fertility approach with my couples who are struggling to conceive. Biocanic seamlessly integrates the wearables, assessments and labs that I use with my clients into a single, easy to use and review dashboard."

Dr Aumatma Simmons

"With Biocanic's one of a kind integration to my CRM (Keap), I now have a full-service solution that allows me to seamlessly track, manage, convert prospects, and onboard clients without any administrative overhead that used to prevent me from scaling my business"

Jenn Malecha
Health Trackers
Assessment Surveys and Intake Forms
Lab Testing
Client Functional Summary
Supplement Programs

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