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Biocanic converts endless inputs of health data into digestible, correlative insights to empower practitioner recommendations and accelerate health goals.


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Jeremy Malecha

Jeremy Malecha

CEO - Founder

Jeremy Malecha is CEO and co-founder of Biocanic with over 20+ years of medical and software related experience.

Prior to Biocanic, he was the Vice President of M&A Strategy in ResMed’s Software as a Service Division. Across his 10+ year career at ResMed he also held senior leadership roles overseeing global product management across the product portfolio, and was the lead person behind the conceptualization and launch of the AirSolutions ecosystem. Prior to joining ResMed, he worked for CardioDynamics as a product manager focusing on EHR integrations.

Mr. Malecha holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University in addition to 6 patents in non-linear signal processing for medical applications.

Andy Sullivan

Andy Sullivan

CTO - Founder

Andy Sullivan is CTO and co-founder of Biocanic with over 20+ years of software experience and 10+ years of experience in user acquisition.

Prior to Biocanic, he co-founded and was COO of Socialholic Network and built the user base up to 20+ million monthly active users. At Socialholic Network he performed all data analytics software development and partner integrations. Prior to Socialholic Network, he worked for Questpoint Software as COO where he led the development of a revenue attribution platform allowing the company to grow from 1 million daily active users to over 100 million.

Mr. Sullivan holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Sciences from the University of Oregon.

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