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Health Intelligence Core

For Virtual Functional Practices

Starting at

$50 / month

billed monthly

Starting at

$480 / year

billed annually

What's included:
  • Unlimited Number of Clients
  • Unlimited Health Trackers
  • Unlimited Lab Uploads
  • Unlimited Intake and Assessment Forms
  • Unlimited Supplement Protocols
  • Unlimited Text Reminders
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For Prescribers

Health Intelligence Max

For Hybrid Functional Medical Practitioners

Starting at

$150 / month

billed monthly

Starting at

$1440 / year

billed annually

What's included:
  • Everything in Core
  • ePrescribe
  • eFax Number
  • Program Builder
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Business Automation


Automate your business with integrated email, lead capture and automatic on boarding.

Precision Eating Powered by Suggestic


Meal planning & food logging for up to 50 active clients per month. Custom diet program builder. Eating out restaurant finder.

Program Builder


Create programs in an easy to use interface. Evergreen and timed group programs. Unlimited number of programs.

Customized Biocanic Experience

$1,000/one time

White label custom branded website URL. Colors and branding to match your practice.

Is Biocanic HIPPA Compliant?

Yes, Biocanic is HIPPA Compliant.

Is Biocanic GDPR Compliant?

Yes, Biocanic adheres to GDPR compliance rules.

Will Biocanic sell personal data?

No, per our terms of service Biocanic will not sell your personal data.

Does Biocanic support ePrescribing?

Yes, Biocanic offers integrated ePrescribing

How will a practitioner be able to ePrescribe?

The will practitioner will establish an account with a 3rd party ePrescribing platform which will verify the practitioner's identity, NPI and other information to allow for prescriptions to be sent electronically to pharmacies via Biocanic.

Will practitioners be able to choose medications and pharmacies through ePrescribe?

Yes. Biocanic's third party ePrescribe platform will allow for choosing any pharmacy in its nationwide network, along with any medication available in the system.

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